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Location: Hume Lake, Northern California

I arrived at Hume Lake at only a day old. Where I live it snows in winter and is hot in summer. I skipped 2nd grade and am now in 6th grade at age 11. My teacher, Mr. Ben Howell, is a great teacher, I mean, BEFORE he get's into grammar

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Grammar Lessons

Hello, my name is Molly and I will be giving you online grammar lessons if you would like to join. Every week I will be be posting rules and tips of grammar and assigning mini stories. At the end of each month I will assign a larger assignment. For now this will go on until December 31st, maybe longer. The first week of July there will be no lesson. But I will assign a medium assignment for the week before that to make it up!

Every month I will e-mail you your certificate stating that you have finished that month's goal. You must send me first ar the following e-mail address for me to give you your certificate!

For the first six months we will be working on the six elements of writing!